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Build your own cloud with desktop-sync and mobile apps!

AjaXplorer is a flexible and powerfull online file management system with all features of the big cloud services - but under your own control!

What is AjaXplorer?

AjaXplorer is an Open Source cloud system developed by Charles du Jeu (www.ajaxplorer.info) and is even used by many companies! With AjaXplorer you can build your own cloud environment - including data-synchronisation with your Desktop-PC and your smartphone.
On this website you can share your experiences, find instructions and if you have the need you can rent your own hosted AjaXplorer - without any stress or server-knowledge.

Why AjaXplorer?

With it's HTML5-Interface it's not only comfortable and easy to use - through the integrated rights management and the huge amount of features, for example foldersharing or online office-file editing, it's the perfect tool for individuals up to companies with thousands of employees.

Possibilities are the usage of AjaXplorer as a centralized file storage for different locations or as a tool to share files and folders with friends or customers. You can even securely replace your FTP with it if you have customers who used it for upload. It is the swiss army knife under the cloud softwares - but as open source under the AGPL!
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